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These Facts About Organic Vegetables You Need To Know

At present, more and more supermarkets or traders are distinguishing labels and selling organic vegetables from non-organic, even though the shape is almost the same. Actually, what distinguishes between organic vegetables with ordinary vegetables? The increasing trend of healthy living encourages people to consume organic vegetables rather than non-organic. This is because organic vegetables are considered safer for consumption, because they do not contain as much pesticide residues as non-organic vegetables. Difference between Organic Vegetables and Non-Organic Vegetables Organic vegetables are vegetables that are cultivated without using any chemicals, both during the fertilization process and when spraying pests. In general, the difference between organic and non-organic vegetables can be seen from the following things: 1. Seed selection Organic vegetable seeds or seeds are obtained from natural plant cultivation techniques, while non-organic vegetable seeds can be obtaine
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breast milk for First 6 Months Baby Food

Breast milk is baby food for the first 6 months of life, the most important. The nutritional content in breast milk is very good for growth and development of your baby's immune system. Therefore, Busui is recommended to only give exclusive breastfeeding to Little One for the first 6 months. Mother may have heard the advice to give baby food the first 6 months besides breast milk? This is not justified, because breastfeeding alone is sufficient to meet the nutritional and energy needs in the first 6 months of your child. Then, what are the virtues and how much milk should you give to your child? The advantages of breast milk for infants Breast milk is the best first 6-month baby food. This is because breast milk has the following advantages: Breast milk protects babies from bacterial and viral attacks that cause infectious diseases, so the baby does not get sick easily. Breast milk contains all the nutrients needed for growth and development of infants, such as protein, fat

Reasons Why Laughter Can Erase Stress

Have you laughed today? Many health benefits can be obtained thanks to laughter. Laughter is not only good for the physical, but also brings a positive effect on one's mental condition. Stress because romance doesn't go well? Much work unresolved? Or is there a family problem? Whatever the case, try to laugh even if only briefly. Why are you laughing? In addition to the stress load that is lost, laughter also causes positive changes in the body. When laughing, our body releases endorphins which improve mood and reduce levels of stress-causing hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. In addition, laughter is also able to: Reduces some physical symptoms of stress by helping relaxation and stimulating muscle circulation. Increasing the inhalation of oxygen-rich air and stimulates our heart, lungs and muscles. Activate and release stress response. When laughing and then silent, our heart rate and blood pressure will increase. As a result, we feel calm and relaxed. Not on